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4 watching, 5 broadcasting

6 star kung fu motherfuckin general


2 watching, 4 broadcasting

Welcome to "The Summit". A place to sit back and chill. We have a sick sense of humor so don't be overly sensitive! *IF YOU GET BANNED ANTI SPAM BOT IS RUNNING*


1 watching, 4 broadcasting

Cam up! Have fun! Take some tokes! Mingle a bit. No drama. No bullshit, Looking for mods. Pm Python21 or Pj, owner Python21, co owner PJ


2 watching, 2 broadcasting

European Weirdocracy? Autodidactic Aussies? Kiwi Demonology? Slavic Linguistics? Gothic Gastronomy? Permaculture? Androgyny? Logic? Historiography? Stochastics? BACKUP ROOM: tinychat.com/absurdistan2


3 watching, 0 broadcasting


2 watching, 1 broadcasting

Welcome Brazil and American and everyone else if you can not come into the room keep trying