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9 watching, 5 broadcasting

A Filipino inspired chatroom for all cultures! Get to know the coolest people and be a part of the freshest chat community! Basic chat rule, DONT HATE! Meet.. Chat.. and Enjoy


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The best of radio on the net


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Welcome to Ebaumsalliance 420 Blazit Chat


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chitown baby


6 watching, 7 broadcasting

|WorldStar|Everything Entertainment & Hip Hop.The #1 TURN UP ROOM|MOST VIEWED|MOST Talked|18+ ONLY IS STRICTLY ENFORCED|Ladies CamUp|BookMark-Us!!!|Owner :Nick|Sign Up http://mixvibes-inc.com


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To all Filipino's out there we invite you to join this room to show your talent in singing & dancing,we also have kulitan,tawanan,iyakan fun games every weekends.. more fun @ pinoymusikahan


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no matter what happen guys! friends paden forever.. ganyan ang samahan namen dito sa optic tambayan ;)) at hindi kame nang iiwan hangat gusto nyo kaming kazama sa optic_tambayan naten guyz..


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We are the fallen. A room /b/y the people, /f/or the people. You will find shelter here. All are welcome; musicians, stoners, gamers, tramps, traps, and trolls. You're welcome. Owner: myke


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Welcome to Yso (Serious) .Home to a bunch of old fucks .We reserve the right to toss your ass out if you're as lame as baby legs . Otherwise Make yourself at home .


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REGRA:RESPEITO..(OS VERDADEIROS PERMANECERAM)..Porque amigo de verdade enxerga sua tristeza escondida atraz de um sorriso...Sejam bem vindos


3 watching, 4 broadcasting

NO BULLSHIT TOLERATED! Age 18+ ONLY! Cam up LIVE! Push2Talk Only! ALL LINKS POSTED WILL GET U AUTO BANNED! Do NOT ask for a star!..... Welcome to THE GET AWAY


2 watching, 4 broadcasting

TURN UP!@$#!@!!@!$! THROW EM OUT THURSDAYs 18+ Everyone Welcomed!! 420/710 All day! BOOKMARK US!


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SEJAM BEM VINDOS!!! "RESPEITE PARA SER RESPEITADO" Nao viva para que a sua presenca seja notada, mas para que a sua falta seja sentida...


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make friends-make good -- make love SIMPLY SOUND STATION