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22 watching, 3 broadcasting

Welcome to Vallhalla the #1 room for anime gaming and music. Don't forget to bookmark us respect the mods. Owners are Noctis and Red. NO FUCKING FAPPING OR YOU WILL BE BANNED.


6 watching, 7 broadcasting

Hey, IRASSHAI!! come chill with us in animescape. Come and chat and cam with us but dont perv and be to creepy and such and you will be fine <3 mew ^.^


6 watching, 5 broadcasting

Stonedregs. A group of relaxed and open minded people who want nothing more then to chill with people like ourselves Good vibes welcome.18+ N Please prepare your butthole Owner Technotarian


8 watching, 3 broadcasting

Password is roonscape, no spamming, no open mic without permission


5 watching, 2 broadcasting

HoE is the best.


1 watching, 6 broadcasting

Welcome dont be a dick and dont be on open mic unless you are a reg.


1 watching, 4 broadcasting

"We never look back, We got no regrets, Cause time doesn't wait for us. We choose to go our own way."


1 watching, 3 broadcasting

Welcome to the Secret Order of YoWorld Eccentrics! We are a Diverse World with many different views! Please be kind and respect each other's preferences!! We are ALL UNIQUE! 18+ only Please --


4 watching, 0 broadcasting

Crazy room