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Welcome to the Room of Celebrities: Celebrities become Famous by 1 of 2 ways<>being LIKED or being HATED {Thank You to all the haters} @#SMD


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25 watching, 9 broadcasting

That fickle balance between joke and real. Your home away from subhumans. We smoke. We drink. "Take it easy, but take it." - Terence McKenna


21 watching, 10 broadcasting

18+ room for bbw, ssbbw, bhm & admirers! respect people here. no genitals on cam. no children on cam, no spamming room. NO PHONE CAM APPS!!! OWNERS IRIS & ANYTHINGBUTPURE


19 watching, 12 broadcasting

WFAM (Women For east Asian Men) #INTERRACIAL-All Females Welcomed! We Like Nice Cool People. Come Correct Please. No Creeps,Rude,Ghetto,Thirsty Idiots. 18+. Please Read http://pastebin.com/S98eSpSy


21 watching, 8 broadcasting

Welcome to ASIAN ULZZANGS! All responsible ages. Just don't troll, cam up. No advertising. Don't PM mods for modship. Like us on facebook!


11 watching, 12 broadcasting

Welcome to Tea Time Chat. We are attractive people surrounded by intelligent conversation. If you can't be chill, or you are loud/obnoxious, you will get kicked [push2talk]. NO OPEN MIC!


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What's up What's up? Come in hang out be weird, it's simple really, be nice and keep your business in yo pants we don't wanna see it. (18+) *tabi+cupcake*


21 watching, 1 broadcasting

Philippines' All Male Online Community Exclusive to Filipino Gay Guys, Bisexuals & Transgenders.


15 watching, 6 broadcasting

420 || 18+ || Do whatever the fuck you want - no dick cam || Stream, smoke, drink, dance, converse, sit quietly or show us your art, whatever you like || We Love Music || [Push 2 Talk pls]


12 watching, 9 broadcasting

ASIANAMERICA - Interracial room not only for ASIANS or only AMERICANS. We welcome everyone to come and chill. 18 years+ ONLY. BACKUP ROOM - ASIANAMERICA2 : Room Password : AA


9 watching, 11 broadcasting

No autobans. Chill Mods and updated on the music scene. Join the FB page! https://www.facebook.com/groups/happinas/ Owners: John(CokeeFloat) Aldrin(Vimus) Gab (Gab)


9 watching, 9 broadcasting

Have fun. Don't be a jerk. password=equalitee


9 watching, 8 broadcasting

What's Real ? Originated in Indianapolis, Indiana EST Since 2012 ! If You've Made It This Far.... Ya Done Fucked Up... Alcoholics, Smokers, Musicians Etc 18+ Stay Awhile and Grab A Seat!


11 watching, 5 broadcasting

Be peaceful,be courteous,obey the law,respect everyone;but if someone puts his hand on our people, we will send him\her to the cemetery.Please Don't Press on any link from unknown people(Viruses)


10 watching, 6 broadcasting

Enjoy Anime, KPOP, gaming, and Music! No drama, NO FAPPING, and definitely no disrespecting. Enjoy yourself (>^-^)>~ Backup: http://tinychat.com/asians0ul