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seeking new host and new loyal sub mods!


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Welcome to Tea Time Chat. We are attractive people surrounded by intelligent conversation. If you can't be chill, or you are loud/obnoxious, you will get kicked [push2talk]. NO OPEN MIC!


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WFAM (Women For east Asian Men) #Interracial-All Females Welcomed! We Like Nice Cool People. Come Correct Please. No Creeps,Rude,Ghetto,Thirsty Idiots. Please read http://pastebin.com/PsTwNXvi


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Have fun. Don't be a jerk. password=equalitee


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Welcome to Sojuba - Hangout for k-pop/k-drama/anime/video game lovers. Please treat our employees and customers alike with RESPECT or you will be asked to exit this establishment.


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Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on our people, send him\her to the cemetery. :)


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Welcome to asiantrapz, if you have request please pm a mod, enjoy your stay.


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Room owned by Cody. no open butts unless modded.


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We have this room name is because most of the mods are asian but We welcome everybody and anybody. All race and country is welcome. Respect the mod. NO MIC. Enjoy and chill people.


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18+ chat. We ask all new people to cam up. This chat is for all women and only Asian men. No lurkers, no newusers. Alternate room is tinychat.com/altw4r. Since 2013.


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18+ cam up have fun we r a 24/7 room no open mic no drama leave ur feelings at the door COME JOIN US all other rooms are respect mods enjoy [o] latin luv- [tm] princess-


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Hello there ! Feel free to join us, have fun, cam up and hangout with us ~ Chill with us from a long ass day and enjoy your stay ! NO DRAMA ! NO RACISM ! Everyone is welcome <3 PW: AAR


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Welcome to GayWomen! This room is LGBT accepting of EVERYONE. RULES: No nudity, No drama, No disrespect, No harassment, and No spam. Age 18+ Complaints > http://tinyurl.com/gwcomplaint


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TO DONATE: http://www.gofundme.com/monachechat - TO APPLY TO BE A MOD: http://monache.com/mod-application/ - FACEBOOK GROUP: http://tinyurl.com/mcfbgroup - RULES: 18 + - GUESTS MUST GET NAMES