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Please note that if you contact tinychat support, you MUST write to us in english. We are currently unable to respond to support requests in other languages

Camera bans are issued by a Tinychat Administrator when a user is violating our Terms of Service. These bans will last for 72 hours after they are issued and will not be removed. We currently have no appeal process for bans so emails about ban removals will be deleted and unanswered. You can receive a 72 hour ban even if you are not broadcasting.

Room closures are issued by a Tinychat Administrator for a number of different reasons. Some of the reasons are, but not limited to:
-You have no moderators assigned and your room was observed breaking the ToS.
-You have moderators assigned but they are not controlling the room or are encouraging ToS violations.
-Your room name has an offensive or inappropriate word in it.
-Your room was made solely to violate our ToS.

You need to use the password recovery feature at . It will send you an email with your username at the top and a link to reset your password at the bottom. If you just wanted your username then ignore the link. If you need to reset your password click the link and wait for a second email.

Sign-in to the account you want to delete and go to . Once there, click “I want to disable my account” and follow the instructions. Please note that once it is disabled there is no way to get it back.

To sign out of your Tinychat account just scroll to the top of any page on Once you are at the top click on your username, it will be in a green box, then select “sign out”.

We recommend either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

This is almost always caused by an issue with your Adobe Flash Player. Please make sure your Flash Player is up to date. Go to to download the latest Flash Player.

This is because you have some kind of Third party camera software installed like Google video chat, Manycam, Webcammax, etc. Uninstall these programs and then do the following:
1.Open Finder and select your main HD
2.Find the “Library” folder and enter it
3.Find the “Quicktime” folder and enter it
4.Delete any “.component” files that have to do with the programs listed above
5.Close and reopen your browser
6.Go to any Tinychat room and try to broadcast

Log into your facebook account and do the following:
1.Click on "Account" in the top right
2.Click "Privacy settings"
3.On the bottom left it will say "Apps and Websites" click the "edit your settings" link
4.The first section is "Apps you use" click the first option called "remove"
5.Find "Tinychat - Video Chat" then go to the right and click the "X"
6.A confirmation box will pop up, click "Remove"
7.Another confirmation box will pop up, click "Okay"

Please contact us at - Make sure you include the room name in question as well as any other important information. Reporting a room does not guarantee that it will be closed.

Please email with what is happening and be as specific as you can.

We do not text our users, you are getting texts from Twitter. To stop receiving these texts you need to either stop following @tinychat on Twitter or change your account settings so it doesn't sms you with new tweets.

Right click on the flash client, go to the webcam tab choose allow and press remember.